Vendor Spotlight: Gamer Ground

GamerGroundlogo2Gamer Ground returns to KantCon again in 2014, so be sure to give them a big “Welcome Back” when you see them. Gamer Ground is, in their words, “a friendly small game retailer from St. Louis” who always seems to bring a very diverse range of products to KantCon.

These products include board games, RPG books, Magic cards, minis and figures, dice, gaming accessories, and much, much more. They even take special requests, so if there’s something you want, email and they’ll do their best to hook you up.

Seriously, though, check them out. While I, Chris, in no way want to play favorites amongst the KantCon vendors, I’ve managed to buy something unique from Gamer Ground the past two years and am happy they’re back.

Guest: Chris Perrin

Chris PerrinChris Perrin is the premier former-podcaster-turned-anime-inspired-rules-light-mecha-role-playing-game designer.  He’s also a self-titled “giant geek” who has loved the hobby since he cracked open his first RPG (which, oddly enough, wasn’t D&D).

For years he wanted to give back to the hobby, but wasn’t sure how until technology advanced to the point that podcasting and indie game publishing became easy.

Now, he spends way too much time thinking about new and exciting ways to blow up giant robots, writing about food, and spending his working hours writing software.

Find out more about Chris’s work at Heroic Journey Publications.

Guest: Sterling Hershey

Sterling HersheySince the early 1990s, I’ve pursued freelance writing and cartography, mainly for games. The vast majority of my work has been for the various editions of the Star Wars Roleplaying and Miniatures games (West End Games, Wizards of the Coast and now Fantasy Flight Games) and Dungeons and Dragons. I continue to pursue freelance work within and outside of the games industry.

You can find out more about Sterling and his work here.

Fantasy Flight Games

  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game (now in Beta)

Wizards of the Coast

For Dungeons & Dragons (4th Edition) Roleplaying Game

Box Set:

  • Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale, 2012 Silver Ennie Award Winner for Best Monster/Adversary

D&D Insider (Dragon and Dungeon Magazines)

  • History Check: The Blood War, article, Dragon #417
  • History Check: Strahd and van Richten, article, Dragon #416
  • What’s Up in Downshadow? adventure, Dungeon #204
  • Hunt for the Heretic adventure, Dungeon #203
  • History Check: Rary the Traitor article, Dragon #405
  • Battle of the Witchlight Hermitage adventure, Dungeon #191
  • Chaos Scar: Scarblade adventure, Dungeon #189

For Star Wars Saga Edition Roleplaying Game

Hardcover books:

  • The Unknown Regions
  • Scavenger’s Guide to Droids
  • Rebellion Era Campaign Guide, 2010 Ennie Award Nominee for Best (RPG) Supplement
  • Legacy Era Campaign Guide
  • Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, 2009 Origins Award Nominee for Best RPG Supplement
  • The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide

Website RPG items:

  • Iridonian Darkness Star Wars adventure for Knights of the Old Republic
  • Power Beyond Belief Star Wars article for Knights of the Old Republic
  • Dawn of Defiance #6: Core of Corruption Star Wars adventure

For Star Wars Miniatures game products:

  • Attack on Endor Scenario Pack
  • Star Wars Miniatures scenarios and previews at the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars products page.
  • Over 40 Star Wars Miniatures scenarios (complete list and links)
  • Dozens of previews that often included RPG stats as well as insight into upcoming minis.

For Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition

  • Monster Manual V (contributor)

For Star Wars Roleplaying Game (d20 system Original and Revised Core Rules)

  • Talnar’s Rescue adventure for Star Wars Gamer magazine issue #5 (later updated for the Revised Core Rules and reissued for free).

Greg Rucka

  • Alpha, novel. Cartography and layout for Wilsonville theme park. See my blog post for more information. (Monte Cooke/Super Genius Games)

  • DungeonADay Kickstarter – Fane of the Sea God 3D Fly Thru Video

Cartographer (membership required):

  • Dragon’s Delve: Fane of Sea God areas
  • Dragon’s Delve: Level 18
  • Dragon’s Delve: Level 19
  • Dragon’s Delve: Level 20
  • Night of the Starbird
  • Temple of the Black Goat

Lone Wolf Development


  • Realms Works RPG campaign utility software – Isle of Kandril map (Lucas Online)

  • Situation maps for the Battle of Turak IV article (Hyperspace members only).

The Game Mechanics

  • Black and white cartography or the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game:
  • Flight 23 adventure map
  • The Brindisi Protocol adventure map

West End Games

For the Star Wars Roleplaying Game (d6 Second Edition; Second Edition, Revised and Expanded)

  • The Far Orbit Project (Cartographer/designer – Nebulon-B deckplans)
  • Hideouts and Strongholds (Author, floor plan designer and cartographer)
  • The Kathol Rift for the Darkstryder Campaign (Author – “Rogue Elements”)
  • Shadows of the Empire Planet Guide (Author – planet Rodia)
  • Heroes & Rogues (contributor)
  • Flashpoint! Brak Sector (author/designer)


  • Inquest Gamer #144 (Starship Battles fleet) and #145 (BC3 Star Wars Minis squad)
  • Scrye #95 Star Wars Miniatures scenario Get the Walker.
  • Polyhedron #83 Star Wars RPG adventure Milk Run
  • RPGA Network adventures
  • Defection (Star Wars RPG)
  • Milk Run (the RPGA’s 1991 GenCon Star Wars RPG adventure)

KantCon RPG Event Highlight: Burning Wheel – Trouble in Hochen

Burning Wheel

Burning Wheel

This event runs on July 9 at 9:00 a.m.

Rumors are coming in of a remote village, Hochen, being plagued by a demon.

You have either been sent to Hochen or called there for other reasons. Hochen is in dire straits — famine, the coldest winter in years, and now rumors of infernal influence.

Mastermind: Jeremiah Frye

Register for this event before it’s too late!

KantCon RPG Event Highlight: D&D 4e – Elrenneth: City of Despair

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition by Wizards of the Coast

This event run on July 10 at 2:00 p.m.

A corrupt government threatens to oppress the people of Elrenneth; YOU must fight for their freedom…or survive long enough to secure your own. Show off your character’s strength or skill, but be wary of whom you trust with your secrets—there may yet be a traitor in your midst. For players familiar with d20 rules and D&D in general.

Mastermind: Jeremiah Aldrich

Register for this event before it’s too late!

KantCon RPG Event Highlight: All Flesh Must Be Eaten: Welcome to Whimseyville

All Flesh Must Be Eaten

All Flesh Must Be Eaten by Eden Studios

This event runs on July 8 at 2:00 p.m.

Welcome to Whimseyville the World’s Wildest Wackiest Whimsical Park. The park of no equal has over 65,000 employees dedicated to family fun. With 5 theme parks, one water park, 12 hotels, and a major shopping/restaurant complex there’s no end to the fun you can have…

…until something goes wrong. Can you survive the thrilling adventures? Will you be able to keep from smiling? Will you stay alive?

Mastermind: Joshua Meadows

Register for this event before it’s too late!

Pre-Registration Incentive – Refer a Friend, Get some SWAG!

Well, it’s just over a month until KantCon now, and Pre-Registration, Event Submission, and Event Registration closes at 11:59 p.m. on June 30.  Since this is the last month for registration, and we’d like to see you, the potential KantCon attendee, happy, we’re going to offer an incentive for those of you who have pre-registered already to get some RPGs.

If you have pre-registered already, or pre-register during the month of June, and you refer someone else to pre-register by the end of June, you will get:

  • One free RPG Book from the Gamer’s Haven Podcast SWAG Pile (includes material from Wizards of the Coast, TSR, White Wolf, and others)
  • A discount code you can use on some PDFs at RPGNow or DriveThruRPG
  • A KantCon SWAG Ticket

First, some ground rules:

  1. To qualify, you must be Pre-Registered or you must Pre-Register yourself before the referral.
  2. Multiple people cannot refer the same person.  If this happens, the first person to notify us of the referral will receive the incentive.
  3. You may refer multiple people and get the incentive for each person you refer.
  4. If you refer someone, they can refer someone else, and so forth.
  5. If you refer someone, send us an e-mail letting us know the name of the person.  If that person has pre-registered between June 1 and June 30, you will receive your incentive.

Now’s the time to light the fires beneath your friends who may have been procrastinating!  So what are you waiting for?  Pre-Register already!

KantCon RPG Event Highlight: DC Adventures (M&M3): Super Friends

Super Friends

DC Adventures by Green Ronin Publishing

This event runs on July 8 at 9:00 a.m. and July 10 at 9:00 a.m.

Braniac has teamed up with Lex Luthor to shrink and steal New York City! The world calls on the greatest team of heroes they have, the SUPER FRIENDS! Come play as Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, the Wonder Twins or one of the many other fantastic super friends in this adventure! (Please, leave all seriousness behind when approaching this game, its gonna be Ridiculous…)

Mastermind: Noah Gibbs

Register for this event before it’s too late!

KantCon Role-Playing Game Highlight – Dread: Extraction – Inception RPG


Dread by The Impossible Dream

This event runs on July 9 at 7:00 p.m.

Hidden deep in the subconscious mind are secrets, secrets that many are willing to pay large amounts of money to know. You are on a team of “Extractors”, subliminal con-men trained in the ways of the unconscious mind and armed with technology granting the them access to the dream of their Mark.

Mastermind: Nathan Panke

Register for this event before it’s too late!

KantCon Role-Playing Event Highlight – Star Wars RPG Saga Edition – Empire at War: 499th Legion

Star Wars

Star Wars Saga Edition RPG by Wizards of the Coast

This event runs on July 8 at 2:00 p.m. and goes through the night until 11:00 p.m.

Lord Vader wants you to join the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps! This campaign will require Human players and characters only (sadly). Familiarity with the Star Wars d20 RPG (Saga Edition) is a plus, but not entirely a must. Characters will be of varying levels, and are allowed to pull material from any of the Saga Edition books EXCEPT for the Knights of the Old Republic and Legacy Era sourcebooks.

This Event is two consecutive slots.

Mastermind: Phil Brown

Register for this event before it’s too late!