KantCon 2012 Map

We are happy to finally announce the layout for KantCon 2012!

As you can see, things have shaken up a bit, and we’ve expanded!  We’re now going to be in the good old Capitol Federal Conference Room and the adjoining atrium!

If you come to KantCon 2012, you’ll be able to get yourself a treat at the Concessions area, as normal, pick up some KantCon merchandise from Registration or the Minion HQ, and shop at one of our six vendors:  Gamer Ground, Secret Skeleton Miniatures, Black Blade Publishing, Raging Wolf Armoury, Silver Gryphon Games, and Sentinels of the Multiverse creators Greater Than Games!

You will be able to check out a game from the Gamer’s Haven Game Library, and play it at one of the many open game tables, or one of the ten Board/Card Game Tables.

As you can see, we’ve loaded the convention with nine RPG tables, ten Board/Card Game Tables, three Miniatures Tables, and four Open Game Tables.  Remember, if there is no event scheduled for a table during a particular slot, then it’s considered an Open Table for that time.

You’ll also notice at the north end of the map is a Kids Area!  The new Kids’ Track of events is premiering at KantCon 2012, and it’s designed to be events for young children and accompanying parents!  We’ll have a post that details this later.

Also, as you can see, we will have on-site Event Registration this year!  You’ll be able to sign up for events just like you’re signing up for them at pre-registration!  Just head over to Event Registration, and sign up for a scheduled event!

Additionally, we have access to several projection screens this year, and, instead of a constant stream of SWAG winners as with last year, we will be posting the winning ticket numbers on one of the projection screens on the western wall.

On the northern wall, you will be able to see a photostream of the images recorded at KantCon 2012.

On the south wall, next to the concessions area, you will be able to see a listing of events and their locations for the next slot.

We’ll have more announcements coming very soon, and we hope to see you at KantCon 2012!