Daddy Needs a New Set of Magic Items: Talking the Luck of the Dice


Ask any tabletop gamer what their favourite gaming moment of all time happens to be and 9 times out of 10, you’ll find that the story revolves heavily on how they were pinned down but managed to save the day because of that one lucky roll. Continuous 20’s, multiple exploding 10’s, or just the DM staring at that hilariously anti-climactic natural 1 the big bad rolled at the final junction while the players shout for joy as they obtain a second chance.

But when it comes to marketing their games, bigger companies know that they need more than luck to make sure their brand succeeds. Even gaming giant Wizards of the Coast won’t coast on the good faith of a single target market and why it’s not a surprising thing to see Dungeons & Dragons as part of the games list at Betfair Arcade. It would be an inefficient move, if outright dangerous, for the company to not leverage their most popular IP outside of the world of tabletop and general geekery.

This holds especially true now that the lines between geekiness and “mainstream” material are beginning to blur. With television hits like Game of Thrones and silver screen successes like The Avengers, numerous forms of popular media have been tapping series that geeks have been enjoying for years. Instead of being overprotective and this injection of new blood has revitalized and brought more people into a hobby they might have never gotten into ten years ago.

And it’s this injection of new blood that might just be the biggest wild card the industry has ever experienced. It’s a factor that very few gaming groups might be prepared for but it just might be what makes all the difference to shaking up all-too-familiar routines.
After all, there’s no loot table with better treasure than discovering new friends and party members to craft brand new stories with.

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  1. James George says:

    Gaming was a HOBBY long before it became a PRODUCT or INDUSTRY. In the beginning it was ALL amateur. How could it be anything else? That said, the hobby has come FULL CIRCLE – to the betterment of ALL!

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