Events closed until the Convention

Event submission and registration are now closed. This gives the planning committee time to finalize and print the schedules and sign-up sheets in time for the convention.

If you hadn’t finished signing-up for games, you can still use the Warhorn event list to plan your schedule. Make a list of games you’re interested in, so that you can sign-up quickly when you get to the convention in person.

If you were not able to submit your event in time, you can still stop by the event registration desk onsite to get a table assigned and sign-up sheet created. Please keep in mind that we only have so many tables, so the space is first-come-first-served!

Bearing that in mind, check out the ever-growing KantCon 2014 Event Catalog! We have more games than ever before!

The KantCon Planners are all looking forward to see you soon!

Event Highlight: Paint-n-Take

Ever wonder how some exquisite miniatures get to looking so fantastic? Would you like to have a mini to use in your game, but don’t want it to be just boring metal? Sign-up for the Intro to Painting / Paint and Take event at KantCon! Get tips from an experienced hobbyist who has been doing this for awhile, and take home your creation to show off to your friends!

Event Details:

Event times:
Fri 7/18 2014, 9-11am, 11am-1pm, 2-4pm, 4-6pm, 6-8pm
Sat 7/19 2014, 9-11am, 11am-1pm , 2-4pm, 4-6pm, 6-8pm
Sun 7/20 2014, 9-11am , 11am-1pm , 1-3pm, 3-5pm

This free event is available to registered/paid convention attendees of all ages and skill levels. It is an open paint forum for first time or moderate painters with tips and instructions available upon request and idea exchanges for the more experienced painter. Figures, brushes & paints are provided and you can even take your new champion home at the end of the session. Younger participants may require adult supervision in order to observe proper painting etiquette.

Space priority will be given to those who pre-register, but walkups are welcome!

Hosted by and other sponsors TBD.

Important date reminders:

July 11th – Event submission will end to allow for time to finalize all the details before the event.
July 18th-20th – Gaming time!

Last week for Event Submission

Have you checked the KantCon 2014 Event Catalog lately? It’s packed full of fun games!

If you have pre-registered, you have until July 11th to submit more events. Also, this is the last week you can sign-up or change your schedule in Warhorn. Event registration will also be closed on July 11th to give us time to finalize and print-out sign-up sheets.

If you were not able to purchase a badge before online registration ended, you can still use the Warhorn event list to plan your schedule. Make a list of games you’re interested in, so that you can sign-up quickly when you get to the convention in person.

The KantCon Planners are all looking forward to see you soon!

Event Highlight: Equestria Girls: Trowbridge High

Sign up to play School Daze, winner of 2013 Judges’ Spotlight ENnie, written and run by our Guest of Honor, Tracy Barnett. Only three spots left, so what are you waiting for?

Event Details:

Event time: Fri 7/18 2014, 9am-1pm

School Daze Roleplaying Game

Twilight Sparkle’s crown is missing! It seems that it has been taken into the human world. Join your favorite Little Ponies as they transform into humans in an attempt to get the crown back and save the world!

Important date reminders:

July 1st – Pre-Registration ends(Purchase a badge now before they go up at the door!)
July 11th – Event submission will end to allow for time to finalize all the details before the event.
July 18th-20th – Gaming time!

Tracy Barnett – Guest of Honor

indexAn Interview with Tracy Barnett

KantCon 2014 is proud to announce its Guest of Honor: Tracy Barnett of Sand & Steam Productions.  Sand & Steam Productions is Tracy’s brainchild and is a company dedicated to making absolutely fantastic games in the open.  If you recognize Tracy’s name (and didn’t meet him at a previous KantCons), it’s probably because of his Ennie Award winning game School Daze or one the successful Kickstarters in which he’s been involved.

Fortunately for us, Tracy is coming back to KantCon and so we chatted over email about his games and what we can look forward to from Sand & Steam at the con and in the future.

KC: Can you describe yourself in your own words?

TB: I’m a writer, game designer, and all-around nerd. I’ve been designing for about two years now and someday hope to make it my full-time job. I’ve been attending KantCon since 2009 and am proud to be there for the fifth anniversary!

KC: What project(s) are you working on now?

TB: As of right now, I’m finishing my first novel, Iron Edda: Sveidsdottir, and am wrapping up the writing for my third game, Iron Edda: War of Metal and Bone. I’ve got some other stuff in the works, too. I like to stay busy.

[Author’s note: check out Tracey’s blog, where he’s always updating us on what he’s doing.]

KC: Are you bringing anything new to KantCon to playtest?

TB: I might! I’ve yet to decide what I’m bringing aside from School Daze and War of Metal and Bone [Author’s note: which was playtested last year.] But it’s possible you’ll see Terrorform (post-apoc sci-fi), or Devil’s Night (modren game of temptation). All depends on how much I’m able to get done.

KC: What’s it like to win an Ennie?

TB: Kind of amazing. School Daze is my first game, so to have it honored in that way was flattering. It was especially awesome because it was a Judges’ Spotlight Award, so one of the people that read every game submitted signaled it out as something he wanted the gaming community at-large to be aware of. Very cool.

KC: What are you running at KantCon?

TB: As I mentioned above, definitely School Daze, and War of Metal and Bone. I’m also running a BIG called My Little Ponies of the Apocalypse: Friendship is Tragic. A Ponies game has become kind of a tradition for me to run at KantCon.

Everyone who has played in one of those Ponies games will agree that they’re a great tradition, so we look forward to hearing what crazy zaniness happens this year.  Thanks Tracey for your time and for making great games!  We look forward to checking them out at KantCon 2014.

Vendor Spotlight: Project Shiro

Project Shiro

Coming back to KantCon 2014 is Project Shiro, also known as Sara Rude, the rampant sci-fi geek with a BA in physics and artist extraordinaire.  Sara loves slick robots and the oddities of the universe and she has the ability to take wild ideas and transfer them to the page.

Since the age of 13 she has been sketching and drawing, and nearly everything she knows is self-taught.  This hasn’t stopped her from illustrating several web comics and RPG games.

Stop by her booth, get an illustration done, buy a print or check out some of her amazing game book work.

Vendor Spotlight: Mandry’s Gaming Company

B0424AA0-9DAE-11E3-B05B-A1BDE79A076CGet a limited edition of Survivalistic

Mandry’s Gaming Company is an independent game publisher based out of Kansas City who is already making waves in the small press gaming community. They provide the gaming community with quality products that are sure to thrill any gamer.

At this year’s KantCon, they’re going to be demoing Survivalistic, a card game that for 2-4 players that takes about thirty minutes to play. Set in a modern day Post-Apocalyptic era, Survivalistic lets a player embark on an epic journey with fellow survivors. While on this journey, survivors will unite with one another to form clans. A player’s clan must outlast and outwit all opposing clan members in order to win.

Head to their booth to see the game in action and buy a limited edition copy of Survivlistic or its expansions during KantCon!

Vendor Spotlight: Geekerye

Shop BannerShow the world your inner geek

Doing her first tour of duty at KantCon this year is Geekerye, a cosplay and jeweler/accessorizer who can help you express your inner geek!  Her specialty is handmade jewelry and accessories themed around your favorite geek fandoms: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, Star Wars, young adult novels, and comic books.

She’s also a great cosplayer who would love nothing morethan to get to San Diego ComiCon.

Let her design a custom piece to help you show the world what a fan girl you are!